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Hurricane & Appomattox River Company share the same goal: to consistently give customers a superior paddling experience. Those at Hurricane do it by creating a new kind of kayak, one that was thermo-formed, not roto-molded. By thermo-forming boats, Hurricane is able to create innovative designs with highly engineered resins, boats that perform like composites, at a fraction of the cost. Hurricane offers a full line of flat-water kayaks: recreational, hybrid day touring, day touring, performance touring, sit on top and hybrid fishing. Hurricane Kayaks are lighter, stiffer…and frankly, they’re gorgeous. Best of all, they’re fun to paddle.

Hurricane uses a special, innovative material to thermo-form their kayaks called Trylon. Trylon has advantages over polyethylene, roto-molded kayaks. Trylon is lightweight. Hurricane boats weigh an average of 10 pounds less than comparable boats. Trylon is rigid which makes for efficiency on the water. Tylon resists warping. Hurricane boats hulls retain their shape forever. Trylon reduces friction–more glide, less drag. Further, Trylon requires little maintenance. A Hurricane hull is easy to keep looking good and paddling hard. If you need to make repairs, Trylon is easy to fix.

Hurricane has put more than a century of kayak experience under one roof, and the result is the best-designed, best-performing, best-looking kayaks on the water. They know what works, and they know how to design a kayak that will give you a great time on the water.

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